Toyota Takes Down iPhone Cydia Theme on Apple Request

Toyota started the Cydia Theme advertising campaign about 2 days back via ModMyi’s repository. The theme was promoting Toyota’s Scion 2011. A corporation was publicly producing content for jailbroken iPhones and Apple didn’t like it. Apple has asked Toyota to remove the Scion skin theme from the Cydia store, and Toyota agreed.

The hosts of the file and their own Cydia repository ModMyi received a request from Velti to remove the theme from the jailbreak app store after complaints by Apple.

On the phone, he explained Apple had contacted Toyota and requested they remove the theme and stop the advertising campaign. They (Velti) in turn contacted me relaying the message. The reason Velti listed for the removal request of the theme emailed through our dev portal was “Toyota’s making us take it down…” Toyota had agreed to do so to “maintain their good relationship with Apple,” our Velti contact told me on the phone.

This story is not without its contradictions, though. Even though the Cydia folks have proof that the theme was added, then removed on behalf of Velti – a PR agency working for Toyota, Toyota is now denying that Apple complained to them. This directly contradicts what some involved in Cydia say, since they say they were told point-blank by Velti folks that Toyota had gotten pressure from Apple. Kyle Matthews of tells readers that he was called by a Velti guy who told him that Toyota was taking down the theme to keep relations up with Apple. Right from the horse’s mouth.

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