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(Video) Toyota Unveiled FT-1 Car Concept

We all know that at the car shows, futuristic; conceptual and many new cars with innovative design and advanced tech are unveiled. However, at 2014 Detroit Auto Show, car maker Toyota unveil the concept of its new and amazing designed FT-1 car.

Hackers Take Control Of A Standard Car Using A Laptop

Car hacking isn't exactly a huge issue right now. But as cars get more automated and are fitted up with more advanced systems, such a niche is inevitable in the near future. To highlight this, two hackers were able to control a standard car simply by using a laptop, demonstrating how such a hack can be pulled off very easily.

Detroit Auto Show Kicked Off Today: New Cars Debuted

We have seen car makers unveiling new upcoming cars at auto shows which is been held at different places at different times. Today the North American International Auto Show Detroit Auto Show is kicking off. Let’s take a look at a glance what new cars will be unveiled before the show starts.

Toyota Released A Short Video Of Its Autonomous Car

Though autonomous (self-driving) cars are nothing new, Japanese automaker Toyota announced on December 20 that it'll unveil its Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle (AASRV) at the CES 2013. Recently, the company has released a short video of its advanced safety features which is designed to minimize car crashes in a Lexus.