Track Your iPhone Data Usage Through WeeTrackData

Smartphone devices have been using increasingly larger amounts of data. According to a recent study, iPhone 4S users were using nearly double the amount data consumed by iPhone 4 users. And this trend may continue exponentially over the coming years. So, it has becoming quite important to keep track of all the data your smartphone is consuming and to stop it short of exceeding the limit set by your carrier or you may be in for a hefty bill for over-use. You can accomplish with the awesome tool, WeeTrackData for iOS 5.

You may be surprised to know that even when you are not actively downloading anything on your device, your smartphone may be consuming huge amounts of data due to a number of background apps running. So it is always better to keep an eye on the data usage just to be sure you don’t get any surprises in the form of a sudden end of data limit.

WeeTrackData is a widget that can be added to the Notification Center. The best part about this widget is that it has a very user-friendly interface and is extremely easy and useful.

The widget allows you to enter your monthly data allowance and the date or day on which this allowance is issued to you. After that, it automatically decides the average daily use of data that is allowed by your carrier. You can then access weekly and monthly data usages as well as the current data usage on a certain day.

While currently the app is available only for iPhone, it will also be soon available for iPad users. You can download WeeTrackData straight away from Big Boss repository in Cydia. The app costs $1.99.

Image courtesy Yutaka.

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