Apple To Pay SBB For Using Iconic Swiss Clock Design In iOS 6

Apple has just reached a licensing deal with Swiss National Railway (in short, SBB) for the use of iconic Swiss clock design in iOS 6’s Clock application. When Apple rolled out iOS 6, SBB immediately accused the Cupertino-company for stealing its iconic clock design. As with any lawsuit, Apple wasn’t quite pleased with the accusation.

iPad clock app

Apple, whose iOS 6 Clock application features a replica of the Swiss Railway clock, has successively agreed upon a licensing deal with SBB. The deal materialized quite quickly and Apple will pay SBB an undisclosed amount of cash.

The Swiss Clock Apple accusingly ripped-off was designed by original employees of the Swiss Federal Railway team in 1944. SBB originally expressed that they were flattered over the entire ordeal, but advised Apple to acquire formal licensing to continue on.

Recently Apple has been the center of attention in the court — during August, Apple was able to successively accuse Samsung of stealing design elements such as rounded corners. With this SBB suit, Apple is now on the opposite end of the bargain.

Courtesy: Cult Of Mac

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