TrueKeyboard 1.1 App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Has Released

Developer of TrueKeyboard, is proud to release a unique product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. An enhanced notes program, this application is a new launch that takes advantage of iOS4.2 and the iPhone 4 retina display to offer users a full ergonomic keyboard complete with arrows and number pad, in realistic 3D, complete with Auto-correction and speller based on your iDevice settings.

Typing emails, notes and messageson iPhone, iPod touch or iPad are those daily operations that make part of everyone’s life. I am sure even the most loyal iPhone owner has at least once dreamed of having a real keyboard on his idevice. Well , dreams come true, now you can have it in a blink of an eye, simply download the TrueKeyboard app. Just imagine – regular keys, arrows, a number pad.

TrueKeyboard is a new word in the market, it is both functional and trendy and users can alter the colors of the keyboard: traditional white with black layout, blue or pink color options are available to please the tastes of all iphone owners.

Bringing out some features of the TrueKeyboard:

* 3D ergonomic keyboard
* Available in languages – English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish
* Spiral notebook theme
* Cool user interface
* 4 color options
* Auto-correction and speller
* Share notes with others via email and SMS

TrueKeyboard is a real must have app!

Check out the video.

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