Two SIMs In A Single IPhone With Style!

Have you ever felt jealous of Nokia even when you own an iPhone? Of course iPhone is far superior but you don’t get to use multiple Sims with it. Well, Vooma has certainly solved this problem for you with its new iPhone case. Read more below.

The device that Vooma has announced is termed Vooma Peel PG920. All you’ve got to do is to get the case, hitch it up to the iPhone and there you go! You can then use any external SIM that you insert through the case as well as the original iPhone SIM. This allows you to enjoy the subsidized rates of domestic carriers that come in with iPhone deals as well as connect through some other carrier while you travel abroad. For now, the case seems to be working with iPhone 4 and 4S and comes with the added advantage of a back-up battery. So with the case on, if your iPhone’s battery runs dry, the case will take care of it for another few hours.

So how exactly does it work? Well, the case jailbreaks the iPhone and then you have to download the Vooma app on your phone. Once you install it, you are ready to use another SIM. Although the size of the case is slightly larger than the iPhone, it is sleek and looks nearly as handsome as the sleek phone. You may also find the interface a little unrefined – for example the letters and numbers on the dialing screen are a bitmapped copy of the actual screen and so, they look very slightly untidy. But in all, the case works seamlessly with iPhone and poses no problems.

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