Unlock iPhone 4 Without Gevey SIM [Video]

I think all of you are familiar with Gevey SIM that unlocks your iPhone 4 iOS 4.3 Baseband 04.10.01 including baseband 02.10.04 and 03.10.01. But, iPhone 4 can also be unlocked without Gevey SIM.

Dill Huang has used the 112 exploit to unlock his iPhone 4 without using Gevey or any other extra SIM. He has created a video for proof of concept, in which he used two SIM’s on his iPhone 4 on baseband 03.10.01, one from Bell Mobility Canada and other from Vodafone.

Dill Huang carried out a test between two SIM’s on his iPhone 4, SIM A is un-official SIM (which is carrier locked to Bell Mobility Canada) and SIM B is a test SIM which is on another carrier (Vodafone), but has a “test” IMSI instead of real value. First he inserts SIM A in the iPhone and dials 112 and hangs up with in 2 seconds. Then toggles to flight mode and ejects SIM A. Now, he inserts SIM B and then turns off the flight mode. The iPhone 4 gets unlocked.

Checkout the video below.

Dill Huang posted the video just a proof of concept and you guys won’t be able to do it because SIM B has test IMSI written on it.


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