Updates on A5 Untethered Jailbreak: Saurik Helps Pod2g

We recently stated that Pod2g has brought together a dream-team to crack the problem of A5 untethered jailbreak. While this team continues it’s hard work, it’s also getting help from other iOS developers. In his tweet, MuscleNerd, who is part of this team, said that Saurik, another iOS developer, has lent great help in an A5 untethered jailbreak. 

MuscleNerd tweeted that, “props to @saurik for major contributions to the A5 version of @Pod2g’s untether yesterday! (still no ETA, but moving forward).” This definitely means that the team is making some progress on the untethered jailbreak.

Meanwhile, Pod2g also tweeted about the untethered jailbreak. His exact tweet was, “@MuscleNerd @Saurik And greetings to @Planetbeing for the coding + research. Really great stuff to escape from the sandbox.” Earlier, Pod2g has faced some problem with the sandbox. It seems like the issues is resolved, for now.

Pod2g also said, like he had stated earlier, that there does exist an A5 untethered jailbreak but it is only for a developer account and it can’t be released to the common public. He again said in a recent tweet, “Sorry, we can’t release the A5 for the developers, the exploit used have to be kept secret. I know this is unfair.”

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