After Installing An App, iPhone Becomes A Remote Control Of Many Electronic Devices

Do you know that using an app you can control many electronic devices via an iPhone? Yes, the app is called Roomie Remote which is made by Cyphersoft, LLC. It’s very easy to set up and after that you could easily control many electronic things.

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Now a days, it’s very difficult to find a specific remote device for all electronic devices. But after installing the Roomie Remote app, your iPhone would turn into a very universal remote control. And after that, you’ll be able to use your iPhone as a remote control for electronic devices such as TV, Home Theater, DVD player, Audio system, Air conditioner and many more things. This means, after installing the Roomie Remote app in your iPhone, you won’t have to buy any extra device.


You might be thinking how an app can control other electronic devices like a remote, right? Well, ordinary remote sends infrared light signals to electronic devices such as television. But iPhone has no infrared transmitter. So, first you have to purchase an additional hardware which will convert your WiFi signal into an infrared signal. And that’s it. After that, your iPhone becomes a remote control of many electronic devices.

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  • Automatic Discovery and IP Control: Roomie Remote also supports direct IP control – so you don’t need to have any additional hardware. View the list of supported direct IP control devices
  • Virtual Remotes: Roomie Remote gives you a virtual remote control that can optimize automatically supported device. You can control it with advanced command option.
  • Advanced Customization: Roomie Remote lets you customize your command for exact control over your systems.
  • Synchronization and Backup: You can backup and restore your settings integrated with Dropbox.

Buy this additional hardware from Roomie Store.
Download Roomie Remote from appstore.

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