Use the Moneto Case to Make Your iPhone NFC-Enabled

As Near Field Communication (NFC) technology gains more adepts the tech giants fight to get ahead with new products with support for this new technology. On this matter, Apple disappointed a lot of fans and analysts as well by missing this trend and ignoring this feature when the company developed the latest iPhone.

Well, now an intrepid accessory maker came up with a solution to offer to every iPhone out there a fighting chance against NFC enabled smartphones from rival companies. Moneto delivered for iPhone owners a protective case that has a NFC-enabled microSD chip embedded. In order to make use of NFC payments, iPhone users who have this Moneto case have to install the moneto app and activate their accounts. The app allows users to make purchases with the iPhone and also check out their balance, track the transactions history.

Truth be told, Android smartphones that were released without support for NFC also got a dedicated microSD memory card from DeviceFidelity and Spring Card Systems with the purpose of bringing NFC to Android devices.

The release is perceived as a strategy to boost the NFC technology to the mainstream as Deepak Jain, DeviceFidelity President and CEO declared. “As this breakthrough mobile wallet launches in the US, it not only makes mobile payments available to iPhone users for the first time but it also opens the door for consumers to adopt NFC while pushing mobile commerce forward,” he explained. NFC will soon become a standard in mobile payments as even PayPal seems to show an increasing interest in this technology.

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