Verizon FiOS Mobile App Hits iPad

Verizon FiOS Mobile app is by Verizon Information Technologies LLC and now available for iPad,you just requires iOS 3.2 or later.Verizon FiOS Mobile app is a virtual remote with no streaming in sight and lets you change channels $ manage DVR……

FiOS customers can use FiOS Mobile for iPad to set parental controls, set bookmarks, browse and search TV programming, browse and search thousands of VOD listings, update set-top box names, use their iPad as a remote control to interact with FiOS TV (HD set-top box required).DVR customers can program their DVRs remotely through their iPad. This includes setting any of their DVRs to record from virtually anywhere they happen to be, set a series recording, view the status of any of their DVRs and see how much space is left for recording, and view their lists of scheduled and recorded programs.


  • A Verizon FiOS-provided router
  • A My Verizon User ID and Password
  • At least one Set-Top Box for Guide Data, Video on Demand Browsing and What’s Hot viewing
  • A DVR for Remote DVR Functionality and Video on Demand Bookmarking
  • An HD Set-Top Box for Remote Control functionality

Download : Here

Screenshots :

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