Vertex For iOS 7 is Here, Combines Control Center And Multitasking View

A while ago, an iOS 8 concept did its rounds on the web envisioning a mash-up of the Control Center and the multitasking view on iOS. Now, a jailbreak tweak called ‘Vertex’ has been released which turns this concept into a reality.

Vertex for iOS 7

The concept on which Vertex is based is a really cool one: that the Control Center and multitasking view will give iOS users quick access to most of the important settings and tools at the same screen. This seemed too good to be true when the idea was floated as a concept.

Vertex for iOS 7

But then it was created, completed and offered with an awesome interface, and so it has turned into reality. Vertex offers an excellent mash-up of the two iOS features, bringing them both on a single screen by allocating the top view to the Control Center and the bottom half to the multitasking view.

In this way, you are able to access most of what’s going on with your iOS device, from a single and unified interface. Vertex is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. And the great thing about this jailbreak tweak is that it runs perfectly smoothly without any glitches.

If you want to lay your hands on it, you will naturally need a jailbroken iOS device. You will then be required to go to the BigBoss repo and pay up $1.49 to get Vertex. Apple may implement a similar functionality in iOS 8 in the future but until that happens, Vertex is a great way of making the most of your iOS device.

Courtesy: Redmond Pie

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