[Video] iPhone Speed Contest: Comparing All Eight iPhone Models

Has Apple made any progress, in terms of speed, since the days of the original iPhone? If that is so, one would expect iPhone 5S to be the fastest handset in terms of turning on and shutting down. However, as the video below demonstrates, the truth is different and surprising.

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Every new iPhone model comes with a better chip, more advanced hardware and usually, with an iOS version that is far more effective than the last one. However, when it comes to shut down, a number of older iPhone handsets beat the new ones.

In the video posted below, iPhone 3GS is the fastest to rush to shut down, followed by iPhone 3G, and the original iPhone. In contrast, the rest of the later iPhone models take longer to shut down. It must be noted here that from iPhone 4 onwards, all models run iOS 7, which has visibly slowed them down.

Something similar is manifest when different models are compared over boot-up speeds. The original iPhone, for instance, is able to boot up a lot faster than iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and even iPhone 4. Again, although iPhone 4 packs a far better hardware, it is running iOS 7 in the video demonstration.

The video is yet another reminder that the new iOS release from Apple may not be as excellent as expected and that the company needs to sort out its issues. Among the problem reported by early adopters, iOS 7 slows down the handset, causes motion sickness and drains battery considerably faster than before.

Courtesy: CNET

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