VIP Jailbreakers Pictured At DEF CON 19

Justin Williams has posted a photo of the jailbreakers party at DEF CON 19, which is inside POsixninjas VIP jailbreakers party with Geohot, Saurik,  P0sixninja, Jaywalker, NitoTV and others……………….

This year’s DEF CON 19 is being held at the Rio Hotel and Casino and will play host to a number of speakers, workshops, events and entertainment. Speakers set for this year include computer security specialists, security researchers, cyber criminals and hackers with content ranging from network security to hacking a slew of different programs and operating systems. DEF CON is known to attract some of the world’s premier hacking minds, making it a breeding ground for law enforcement and lawyers as well. The conference also hosts hacking games. Most notable is Capture the Flag. CTF is a competition in which teams of hackers are set to attack and defend computers and networks. Many of the well known iOS jailbreak developers were on site to take in the sights and sounds of this year’s DEF CON. MuscleNerd had tweeted that he was excited to finally meet Saurik, (Jay Freeman), the infamous developer of Cydia and the jailbreak developers’ twitter feeds are filling up with DEF CON info. Last night marked the opening of the conference, and the jailbreak developers all gathered P0sixninja’s hotel room for a jailbreakers party. Software developer Jaywalker (Justin Williams), posted a picture of the party on his Twitter feed, which holds a pleasant surprise.


Started 19 years ago as an underground gathering of sometimes-nefarious computer wizards, DEF CON has sprawled into a 15,000-person, four-day convention where anyone with $150 in cash only and lest these hackers give up their identities can learn the latest tricks and trade of computer hacking, lock picking and security breaching. The aim of the event is to better inform both insiders and everyday people about the risks of operating in our increasingly digital world and to work on solutions. But the practical result of gathering this many highly skilled hackers in one building in a Las Vegas casino is that everyone here is experiencing some level of terror. Insiders say there’s no place on Earth where you’re more likely to get hacked. Unlike at other tech events, which tend to focus on Facebook-like concepts such as sharing and connecting, DEF CON is all about who can stay the most private and therefore, who will remain the most secure in this digital war zone. There are several free services that will do this, including OpenVPN and Ace VPN. That way, if someone like him is sniffing the Wi-Fi connection you’re using, they won’t be able to see exactly what you’re up to. Most of the attendees carry cash. No one uses the ATMs after an incident in 2009 in which someone rolled a fake ATM machine into the event and apparently used it to collect credit card information instead of dispensing money.


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