WakeMate is Available for iOS Devices

WakeMate is an accessory/app combo that reduces morning grogginess by waking the user at the “optimal wake point”.The WakeMate system consists of a Bluetooth wristband that uses actigraphy to map dips and peaks in the user’s sleep cycle and communicates with an app running on his or her device to calculate the ideal wake time closest to the chosen alarm setting—up to 20 minutes beforehand—at a time when the user will wake feeling alert and refreshed.

Together, the WakeMate® wristband and application help you wake up feeling refreshed. Our Wakelytics™ analytics platform optimizes your waking hours by automatically analyzing your sleep and illuminating personal habits that affect your sleep.

WakeMate is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry, and costs $59.99.

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