What iPhone 5 May Look Like!

Now that Samsung Galaxy S III is here and we know more or less the details about it, the world’s eyes have shifted back to Apple which has something big to unveil – iPhone 5. While the device itself is not expected to land until later this year, we are hoping that Apple will be revealing some details about it at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

There have been a lot of rumors about iPhone 5, including the ones that say that it will be made of liquid metal and will be making use if in-cell panels. While all of these rumors are fascinating, none of them is confirmed so far and we will know for sure only when Apple finally releases the device.

However, until then, something else may keep your love for iPhone alive. Here’s a new concept for iPhone 5, based on all the rumors we have been hearing. The concept design has been created by Jon Fawcett. It envisions an iPhone that will be made up of Liquid metal which will let it be far more durable and lighter.

Fawcett, in his design, has made the iPhone a mere 7 mm thick and with a 4-inch display. To go with this ultra-sleek body is a 10-mp rear camera and 5-mp front-facing camera. However, all of this is just the imagination of a designer and it may have nothing to do with the actual iPhone about which, we still don’t know anything for sure.

Source: Mashable

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