White iPhone 4 may be late for this year

The black colored iPhone 4 has gone on sale today but for those waiting to get the device in shiny white, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Apple has issued a statement updating the status on the white iPhone 4s.But now White iPhone 4 Shipment Pushed to Later this Year……

Not a good news for those who are drooling and excited over the White iPhone 4.  It has been delayed again! Apple has just released in a press release and confirmed that the shipments has been pushed to later this year. The news is in contrary to what Steve Jobs announced in iPhone 4 conference, that white iPhone 4 will hit the shelves by July 30th.

What’s actually is holding back the white iPhone 4? A few days ago we reported that the White iPhone 4 could arrive much later than expected due to shortage of white glass front panels.

The Chinese company “Lens Technology” which is responsible for transforming fine raw glass into the majority of iPhone 4 glass panels is facing challenges to reach the degree of opacity of the color and thickness required by Cupertino. This, together with other unspecified problems, has helped to halve the production rates to about 3 panels per hour which is a major bottleneck for the entire iPhone 4 production pipeline.

Most likely, people now have to wait till December end. We will keep you updated on white iPhone 4!


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