White iPhone 4 Slightly Thicker Than The Black One

After 10 months of waiting the white iPhone 4 has finally released. According to the tech world. Apparently a 0.2 millimeter difference in thickness between the black iPhone 4 and its new white sibling is enough to spawn tremendous interest across the web. While the change is small, some customers that switched to the new phone are finding that their rigid phone cases won’t fit because of the size differential.

It seems that some iPhone 4 cases won’t fit the new white version.

Many cases are made out of materials that can stretch and give a little, but there are some made at such a precise size that they might not budge when you try to fit them over your white iPhone. Unless it’s a clear case, we don’t know why you’d have waited this long for a white iPhone you’re just going to cover up with a case.

Speculations say that the extra 0.2mm could be due to the UV protection that the device needs. The white plastic is susceptible to UV degradation, which can change both the way it looks and how durable it is. Apple’s spec page still shows a 9.3mm thickness, but there is a tiny disclaimer that says the actual weight and size can “vary by configuration and manufacturing process.”

According to VentureBeat:

1. Apple has introduced a fix for the iPhone 4’s antennae woes. The iPhone 4 has a hardware flaw that causes the phone to lose reception when held a certain way. At face value, it doesn’t look like the phone carries any kind of design differences.

2. The white paint for the new iPhone 4 required a different game plan. The white iPhone’s case did not insulate the its camera’s flash and leaked light when taking photos, according to reports. White iPhone 4 parts also caused some issues with the phone’s proximity sensor, which disables the screen when talking on the phone so owners don’t accidentally hang up, according to Apple’s Steve Wozniak.

3. The white iPhone needed additional protection from external light sources. Any light leaking into the phone could disrupt the iPhone 4’s screen and make the image less clear, which would be a sore point for Apple because it touts its “retina display” as one of the best smartphone displays in the business.

4. Apple is just trolling tech geeks everywhere to try to generate some additional publicity for the white iPhone 4 — because even a 0.2 millimeter difference is enough to generate news buzz when it comes to an Apple product.

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