Windows Phone 7 Theme,DreamBoard Coming Soon to Cydia

Yesterday i’ve posted about Dreamboard, a new software by ModMyi repo to replace Windterboard on iPhone. Beside the default Apple theme and the Android based HTC user interface there are more themes coming soon to cydia.

In order to prove this statement there is a theme coming soon from PathKiller29 and WyndWarrior that will reflect the style of Windows Phone 7. The theme is called as OS7 and will be presented in ModMyi repo.

The theme is currently in development stage and there is no news about its release date however, it is clear that the themes for DreamBoard interface are real and not merely to change icons, background and widgets such as those for WinterBoard. So it is understandable that it takes a long time to develop these themes.

We’ve some screenshots as follows.

It is hopefull that dreamboard will be update soon.


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