With XWave Headset You Can Control iPhone Apps With Your Brain

Meet the XWave headset by a company called PLX Devices. This headset uses the stainless steel brain-activity-detecting sensor of neurosky, a company in San Jose that specializes in brain-computer interfaces, to let you control your iDevice with your mind.

Here, according to the company’s site, is what actually happens:

XWave, powered by NeuroSky eSense patented technologies, senses the faintest electrical impulses transmitted through your skull to the surface of your forehead and converts these analog signals into digital. With XWave, you will be able to detect attention and meditation levels, as well as train your mind to control things. Objects in a game can be controlled, lights in your living room can change color depending on your mood; the possibilities are limited to only the power of your imagination.

In the year of 2010, nearly 400 iOS developers have downloaded the Xwave software SDK to develop mobile apps that respond to your thoughts and state of mind. You can watch one example of what the Xwave headset is capable of below (Skip to 1:10 to see XWave in action).

Ccurrently there are two XWave apps available in the appstore. Unfortunately if you were expecting a game, you would be dissapointed, right now the apps that are available for use with XWave allow you to train your mind to become better focused.

You can purchase one of these badboys for a price of $99.


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  1. Deepa

    Hello, this is to let you and your readers know that there is now a true game for XWave, iPad and iPhone on the App Store. W.I.L.D., our new release, is a lot of fun, and comes with free monthly updates.


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