Your iPhone Can Play Soccer In The Real World!

The iPhone’s speaker expels a gush of air when you play music, and a developer has exploited this property to create an app that makes the iPhone push a styrofoam soccer ball around a fake soccer field. You can get this app for 99 cents, and it really does look a lot of fun to play with.

The 99 cent app, Football – Real Kick, is a clever twist on the “blower” concept we’ve seen before. In a nut shell: sound pushes air around. Certain sounds that the iPhone speaker can emit push enough air around that you can just baaaarely feel it, making it just strong enough to blow out a candle — or in this case, blow around a little Styrofoam ball.

Unlike past blower apps, this one doesn’t emit a constant stream. It only putts out air when you tap that “kick” button; combine this with a hand drawn soccer field, a couple of iPhones, and a whole lot of beer, and you’ve got the world’s most expensive game of foosball that doesn’t actually involve a foosball table.

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