Real iPad 2 Jailbreak Leaked in the Wild, With Mixed Results

The facts are still sketchy on where exactly this exploit came from, or who really developed this jailbreak, but what we do know is that this is a working iPad 2 jailbreak.  You are reading this correctly!  A real working iPad 2 jailbreak has been leaked into the wild.

ipad 2 jailbreak

The rumors floating around that is potentially a beta version of Comex’s yet to be released iPad 2 exploit, Jailbreakme 3.0.  The reason being is that this jailbreak is a PDF based exploit, the same type of exploit that is rumored to be coming from Comex.  If you have been following the iPad 2 jailbreak news and tweets, you might have seen read some of Comex’s recent tweets regarding the exploit.

Some people are saying that this is really Comex’s work and is probably an early beta that was sent to some testers.   Seems a guy by the name of Ryan Lobbins or is the name behind the controversy.  Again we dont know if he developed this jailbreak himself, leaked it, or straight up just stole it.

Getting down to brass tax, this jailbreak really works.  There is a lot of confusion over which firmware version this works for, and what model iPad this works for.  From what I have read, the first set of links that were leaked only work for the WiFi only iPad 2 running iOS 4.3  Then a second link appeared, which apparently worked for people running iOS 4.3.3.  I myself, can confirm that the jailbreak works on iPad 2 Wifi running iOs 4.3.  I downloaded the PDF, and in a matter minutes I had my iPad 2 fully jailbroken.

Now if you remember back when the iPad 2 was launched we saw that it was quickly jailbroken by Comex.  That was really the only time we have seen the iPad 2 actually jailbroken.  Everything else has just be rumors and tweets.  Fortunately after seeing that iOS 4.3 was able to be jailbroken, I decided that eventually at least particular exploit would be released one day.  So I resisted from upgrading my iPad 2 to 4.3.x, and it now looks as if that has payed off!

To play it safe I don not recommend anyone try this unconfirmed jailbreak.  Until we hear from the Dev Team, Comex, or a known iPhone hacker, it might be best to stay away. does not condone Jailbreaking, or hacking any device.   We are just reporting the news.

But if you feel brave and are running iOS 4.3,  you can head over to and download and install the exploit PDF using Safari.

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