ZoomIt SD card reader:store your iPhone’s deta on the SD card

Apple finally opened up application-enabled hardware development in iPhone OS 3.0. Accessory like this had been available for the iPhone right from the start. The new zoomIt SD card reader from zoomMediaPlus adds a bit of external, swappable memory to the iPhone and iPod touch at long last, giving you the ability to store your iPhone’s pictures on the card, or pull stuff off it onto your handset using the free zoomIt app.The accessory allows users to upload all stored media for use at a later time, or share files with other users via e-mail, Facebook or Flickr.
Interestingly, this is coming to light just a couple weeks after we saw Apple’s own similar solution for getting cameras into the iPad mix — the SD and USB-adapting iPad Camera Connection Kit, which will be a mere $30.

There’s no word if Apple’s adapter will work with the iPhone (we doubt it) or if the zoomIt will work with the iPad (perhaps), but the $60 pricetag on the zoomIt is a bit of a turn off. Also, it will not be shipping until April.

With the added features of the ZoomIt software, users can delete or rename files, send pictures taken with the iPhone camera, and copy or organize the photo album. Support is also included for handling write-protected SD cards and files with read-only attributes.
card reader
The new ZoomIt accessory is planned for release in April of this year and will be priced at $60. The company is also allowing up to 250 customers to pre-order the device, which includes a free 4GB SD card, for only $50.



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