Control Your PC and Mac Via iPhone Using Wake

There are many apps available for iPhone in the app store but this one is exceptional.This new App called Wake.It lets you Turn on your PC, Mac and servers remotely via using Wifi or cellular Data network. It also gives you a status indicator to tell you whether each machine is on or off.

* Wake button sends ‘Wake On Lan’ magic packet to start up a machine.
* Works over wifi or cellular data network.
* Status indicator glows to tell you whether each machine is on or off.
* Supports DNS so services like dyndns can be used.
* Automatically detects your computers for easy setup.

* Start up your PC or Mac while on your way home, so that it’s ready when you get in.
* Start up a machine remotely, then use VNC or other remote access service to view files.
* Monitor a list of business critical servers.
* Start up a classroom full of PCs from your desk.

Download Wake for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad here for $0.99.


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  1. Jann Erich

    Doesn’t work! Can you post more detailed instructions? Otherwise it’s a waste of .99c.

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