Kitchen Appliance Maker Unveils Android Powered Oven At CES 2013

Luxury kitchen appliance maker Dacor has introduced an Android-powered oven named Discovery Wall Oven at CES 2013. This could be a start in the path of a ‘global’ Android dominance.

30-inch Discovery Wall Oven

The Discovery wall oven uses a built-in 7-inch LCD touch panel Wi-Fi Android 4.0.3 tablet and is powered by a single-core 1GHz processor, 512MB of DDR2 RAM, and 16GB of storage. The Discovery wall oven has built-in cooking app that offers pre-programmed dishes and adjustable timings for several dishes. Users can even program the oven to cook food remotely from any Android device. In addition, the Discovery wall oven has a Discovery IQ controller cooking app that will offer interactive cooking guides, recipes and many other things related to cooking. That’s not all. Users will be able to install standard apps from Google Play.

Discovery IQ App
Discovery IQ Menu
Discovery Guided Cooking
Discovery Guided Cooking Information

The Discovery wall oven users will get notifications on their mobile via text message or on-screen of the oven after the oven prepares the food. Until users take the food out, the oven will place the dish on warming mode. And if the oven encounters any problem or require maintenance, the app will immediately send out an alert with an error message to the user, an automated report will be sent to the manufacturer for troubleshooting also.

Dacor is also making an iOS version of the app which will be ready to launch at this summer. The single Discovery wall oven costs $4,499 while the double unit costs $7,499. The oven will arrive in three different finishes.

Dacor President Steve Joseph said, “It’s a luxury kitchen brand, people are used to the pricing.”

Source: Engadget
Image Credit: PCMag

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