Kyosho Released $80 Priced Crash-proof Toy Helicopter

The bitter truth of a toy helicopter is it gets broken when it crashes on the floor. But Kyosho Corp has developed such a toy helicopter that won’t break when crashed during landing. This crash-proof toy helicopter is called “Space Ball.” Don’t worry about its price. It’s in your budget. Details inside.

Space Ball

Kyosho Corp has released the highly durable toy helicopter Space Ball on October 13, 2012. The Space Ball is crash-proof because it is placed inside a sturdy spherical frame. The diameter of the frame is about 200mm. The Space Ball comes with a control circuit including a gyro sensor, coaxial main rotor and propulsion rotor. The helicopter has two sets of mini-helicopter-style blades. These blades rotate inside the spherical resin frame to generate a buoyant force. The rotors of this helicopter comes with a mountable LED light and it is controlled through this infrared light. The helicopter can be controlled using six AA alkaline batteries.

The best part of the Space Ball is when the helicopter hits a wall while flying or crashes during landing, rather than being broken or damaged, the spherical frame absorbs the impact. The helicopter instantly roll back into the right position to take off again after crashing on the ground. See the Space Ball in action below.

The Space Ball has been designed to play indoors. It can also be used as a battery charger. If this crash-proof toy helicopter has attracted you and you are thinking to buy it for your kids, then at present you will find it at a Japanese retailer store for ¥6,279 (around US$80) including tax.

Source : Kyosho
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