IP-Based Set-Top Box And TiVo Transcoder Coming By Summer

TiVo has been doing fairly well which was manifest when the company revealed its quarterly results. The company was able to up its profit margins over the quarter and bagged an additional 234,000 new subscribers as a result of a number of deals it was able to seal with different cable providers. Apparently, it seems to continue at this pace. TiVo’s CEO, Tom Rogers, said in the report that “By the end of the summer, we’ll further that lead with the addition of the four-stream transcoder and an IP-STB.”

His words simply mean that soon TiVo will release a four-stream transcoder. This transcoder will enable you to stream content from your TiVo DVR directly to your iPad, wirelessly! This can mean a whole lot of entertainment for the users who want to view TV content directly on their iPad tablets. You will also be able to sideload the content, with the help of this transcoder, so that you may view it at some later time.

The IP Set-top box that has also been promised in Tom Rogers’ statement will most likely be a set-top box that will provide the users with additional content, apart from the regular streaming from TiVo. The additional content can include direct access to video content from cable providers or different internet sources. Rumors have it that this unique set-top box will be sold under the title of ‘TiVo Preview.’

TiVo has another ace up its sleeve as it has been able to seal a deal with Pace. The partnership will let TiVo port it’s software to Pace’s gateways and STBs. The two companies released a joint statement after announcing this partnership which said that this will “further enable operators around the world to quickly and cost-effectively deploy the renowned TiVo consumer experience to a selection of Pace devices.”

Image courtesy somegeekintn.

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