LaCie’s CloudBox The Ultimate Data Security

LaCie brinh CloudBox ‘hybrid HDD’ that doubles your backups in the cloud. The CloudBox ensures your data is backed up on a local hard drive and again in the cloud. The gizmo pictured above may look similar to the company’s Wireless Space NAS, but it’s actually a 100GB hybrid HDD. The device connects to a router exclusively via its single Ethernet port, enabling it to handle local backups while also automatically mirroring an AES encrypted copy to a cloud server daily even if your computer is off.

LaCie use Online Restore software, the offsite copy is accessible by up to ten previous volumes should the box ever become inoperable. The CloudBox comes with a one year subscription for online backups (mum’s the word on future fees), and will be available in July priced at $200. Chechout the video, pictures and the press release after the brake for more.

Press Release

Ultimate Data Security: LaCie CloudBox

PARIS, FRANCE – Today LaCie announced the first implementation of hybrid storage technology by combining the best of local and secure online storage – LaCie CloudBox. When you store data on the CloudBox, it is also backed up in the Cloud – ensuring your data is always safe, secure and accessible.

With the CloudBox you don’t have to worry about backing up in multiple places, it has double protection built-in. The CloudBox ensures your data is backed up on a local hard drive and again in the cloud. Having double protection means you no longer have to worry about your data.

No matter where you are or what may happen to your CloudBox – damage, theft or fire – you’ll always have an online copy of your files. If you want to recover everything, the CloudBox can restore your entire online backup. If you just want to restore certain files, the CloudBox’s Online Restore application allows you to browse and restore selections of files and folders, up to 10 previous versions.

No other product offers a one-step process for backing up your files in two places, ensuring you always have a second copy for ultimate data security. Simply backup files from your PC or Mac computer to the CloudBox – local backup ensures quick file access and restoration in case of PC failure. Then the Cloudbox automatically sends a copy of your files to the cloud, daily – ensuring your data is safe and accessible from anywhere. The best part is the CloudBox performs the online backup independently, so you are free to disconnect your notebook.

The CloudBox provides multiple levels of data security including two copies of your files and AES data encryption. Unlike other cloud storage offerings, your files are encrypted before they are sent to the cloud – meaning no one, not even LaCie, has access to your most important files. The CloudBox ensures complete data security and safety from data loss.

The CloudBox will be available in July. It comes in 100GB capacity and includes a one-year online backup contract for 100GB, which can be easily renewed. You can purchase the CloudBox through LaCie Online Store, LaCie Corner, and LaCie Reseller+ starting at $199.99. For more product information, visit

With operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, LaCie is a leading manufacturer of storage devices for PC, Apple, and Linux. LaCie has differentiated itself through sleek design and remarkable technical performance. Find out more about our products at
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