A Quick Guide: Notebooks For The Rough And Tough Users

These days, the business environment in which we operate compels us to stay connected at all times. In order to maintain your competitive advantage in any field of activity you need to count on top-of-the-line gadgets and gears with a wow factor and the highest practical value. Most importantly, you need to own and use gadgets that are reliable and tough enough to follow you wherever you may go: in a 5-star resort, an office building or on the highest mountain peak. When it comes to choosing business laptops, you should settle for no less than a winning combination including cool design, a sleek, rugged appearance, remarkable durability and superior wireless performance.

A Quick Guide Notebooks

Discover the Main Advantages Provided by Rugged Laptops

  • Enterprise-Grade Security. The rough and tough know no limits and follow no rules. They require the coolest gadgets that are easy to use and carry around. Furthermore, they are focused on finding devices designed to face any kind of challenges without displaying premature signs of wear and tear. If you are interested in the same category of products, turn your attention to durable, rugged laptops incorporating enterprise-grade security measures implemented to withstand grime, dust, spills and various other common risk factors that would normally compromise the looks and functionality of a plain business laptop.


  • Rugged Reliability. In case you’re looking for an outdoor laptop that performs optimally in any environment, go for a model with a robust design, which has managed to get the highest score in drop tests. For instance, the new Panasonic Toughbook can fall from a height of approximately 76 centimeters without suffering any damages. Even in these extreme conditions, Panasonic promises that your hard disk would remain intact. It gets better. Such high-endurance business laptops do not only succeed in minimizing the effects of a fall; they also ensure a superior protection against drink spillages. Just imagine that you’re working on your laptop during your lunch break and accidentally spill your soda or coffee on your favorite gadget. In most cases, this would represent an apocalyptic scenario that could affect the development of your work-related projects. According to an article published by The Guardian, spills are a common problem that could trigger various issues in the form of physical and electrical damage, ranging from long-term corrosion to short circuits.


While counting on a tough notebook engineered to withstand spills, you won’t have to worry about this kind of problems. Some of the best gadgets designed for the rough and touch who do not like to handle their gadgets with kid gloves incorporate an extremely effective drainage system that enables users to attain peace of mind, knowing that they could enjoy their favorite drinks in front of their laptops without taking any chances. Picture this: you could actually spill a 200-ml glass of water on your laptop and get away with it! Since the water flows out rapidly through the laptop’s drainage channels, all components stay dry and fully-functional.


The list of good news doesn’t end here. We all know that accidents happen, no matter how careful you are when you’re using your preferred gadgets. According to CNET, there are at least 10 different ways in which people can kill their laptops. The list includes spills, falls, mishandling (such as closing the device with the ear buds inside) and various other accidents that are quite common. Worried that a kick could send your business laptop on the floor, leading to ugly cracks and scratches on its display? This doesn’t have to be your story.


Modern executive models ensure an ideal pressure distribution and can  easily withstand a tremendous pressure of approximately 100kg/f, so if you’re looking for ways to reduce and prevent breakage risks and other damages, opt for these world-class rugged laptops, which have been designed for the rough and touch. Some of the most appreciated accident-proof outdoor laptop models have their hard disk integrated in a solid, virtually unbreakable magnesium case that ensures a superior protection against vibrations and shocks.


  • A Complete Line of Premium Complementary Accessories. What would an elegant, shockproof, spill-proof and dustproof laptop be without a complete line of accessories designed to enhance its good looks and daily performance? From batteries, battery chargers, docking stations, memory and mass storage to bags and carrying solutions, the most versatile business-grade laptops come with all these handy extras that combine great functionality with reliability and a bold style.


  • Elegant Lightweight Design. Nobody ever said that a rugged appearance can’t be elegant. On the contrary, some of the most rugged unbreakable laptops have an undeniable appeal thanks to their minimalist, unpretentious and practical design. For example, Toughbook 54 is recognized as the toughest, lightest and thinnest semi-rugged laptop ever invented and introduced on the market. As TechRadar indicates, this semi-rugged model lost a lot of fat. Its current appearance represents the end result of a complete redesign process undergone by the well-liked Toughbook 53. The chances made to the 53 model were successfully implemented to show the whole world that you can actually have the power of a 5th generation Core i5 vPro processor in a lighter and slimmer package that can perform optimally even the harshest conditions.

With so many quality business laptops available out there, you can actually afford to be picky. Choose the one meeting your technical specifications and make sure its design particularities enable it to survive and preserve its attributes even in the roughest and toughest business environments.

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