Acer Planning Dual Boot Netbooks

Acer is planning their dual-core netbooks to dual boot.The netbooks load both Windows and Android operation system…..

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Acer this week reportedly decided to incorporate its dual-boot feature for netbooks to run both Android and Windows 7 in all of its upcoming dual-core notebooks.The announcement follows the company’s launch earlier this week of its first netbook with a dual-core Intel Atom processor, the Aspire One AOD255, for a suggested retail price of $330.

At a press conference to announce the new devices, Acer reportedly said that all of its future dual-core notebooks will run both operating systems. The move is expected to give users more versatility by having an operating system they know and can run advanced tasks, while also providing the option of using the Android OS for functions like surfing the web, messaging and multimedia. That, in turn, is expected to translate into increased consumer demand, and Acer has reportedly said it will cost them little to produce, as manufacturers don’t have to pay licensing fees to use Android.


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