Apple Closes the Door on White MacBook

Today Apple bombarded the web with all the launch of a new version of OSX Lion, a refreshed MacBook Air, and new Mac Mini.  With all of that good news, there was one bit that wasn’t so good for Apple fans.  The Cupertino based company quietly announced that they were discontinuing the standard white MacBook.


The 13 inch plastic model was a constant favorite of college students and those looking for an entry-level Mac.  For years it carried a reasonable $999 price tag, but at times could be found in the Apple Refurbish Market for an even cheaper, $849.  Without any notice, but with some speculation, Apple pulled white Macbook from its site this morning.  Thus leaving a void in the entry level full featured laptop market.

From a business standpoint, it made sense for Apple to pull it from its lineup. As we reported today, the newly refreshed Macbook Air will be taking its place as the entry-level Maacbook.  The new Macbook Air is actually a step up for potential buyers.  While it isnt a standard laptop in the sense, it does offer a new 1.6GHz Core i5 Sandy Bridge processor and a ultra fast 64GB SSD.  Besides, the aging white Macbook hadn’t been upgraded in a while anyways.

While it is still a surprise that Apple did kill off the 13 inch Macbook, I figure people will get over it pretty fast.  Bye bye white Macbook, bye bye.

via Apple

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