Apple Likely To Release MacBook Pro With Ultra-High Resolution Retina Display

It seems that the in the near future, the clarity and high-quality of the displays of devices will determine how good they are. Or so the companies believe. While Android had unleashed plans of introducing an ultra-high display tablet soon and Apple has similar plans about next iPad, Apple may also launch a new MacBook Pro with a display resolution of 2880*1800, setting a new record.

The tablet, according to digitimes, is likely to hit the market in the second quarter of 2012. This will surely pull a number of other laptop manufacturers into competition, forcing them to up their display resolutions. By now, no other company, including Acer or Asustek, has plans of developing such a high-end display resolution. At best, these two companies are planning to launch laptops with 1920*1080 display resolution laptops in 2012. But that’s lot less than what Apple will be offering, if the sources are true. MacBook has been the hallmark of the best of the best laptops. And apparently, it is all set to continue this streak by keeping the upper hand in hardware, especially display resolutions.

What isn’t made clear by the sources yet is that whether Apple will be using this ultra-high display resolution in the expected ultra-thin MacBook laptop that may be released in the first half of next year. If that’s the case, Apple will undoubtedly have the best machine, in terms of looks at least, on the laptop market. And other laptop ┬ávendors will be in for a really tough contest. Such an excellent display may also overshadow the trade-offs of the ultra-thin design, such as the lack of an optical drive.

Image courtesy benjamin-nagel.

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