Apple MacBook Pro Goes Ultra-Thin Next Year

Apple’s appetite for sleeker, thinner notebooks seems to only increase with time. According to the fresh round of leaked news from component suppliers to Apple, Apple is working on an even thinner laptop. The laptop is expected to be an ultra-thin version of either the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. According to these news, the product is likely to hit markets in second quarter of 2012. 

Apple is back in the news with rumors that it will soon be releasing an ultra-thin, 15-inch model version of MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Right now, three MacBook Pro models are available – the 13.3-inch, 15.6-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro. The leaked news come from upstream suppliers of Apple who are now shipping the required components for this machine. Although no official statement has been released by Apple on the news, a number of credible sources have reported it and it seems to be authentic.

The pros and cons of ultra-thin laptop:
The expected product will be arriving in the markets by the second quarter of 2012, say the sources. The 15-inch screen will definitely strike a chord with Apple fans. However, there are certain trade-offs that will be a result of such a thin MacBook. According to analysts, this will most certainly mean that the laptop contains no optical drive because including an optical drive will require the laptop to be thicker than 0.8 inches, the restriction set for the upcoming product. However, Apple may have plans of developing an ultra-thin MacBook with an optical drive sometime in the later future.

Image Courtesy bfishadow and marcopako.

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