Apple’s New Mac Pro Works Silky Smooth, Offers 900+MB/s Read/Write Speed

Apple finally launched the new Mac Pro this December 19 and the feedback on the machine has been amazing. It appears that the new model is able to handle even the heaviest of tasks, such as editing 4K videos, without any hiccups.

Apple Mac Pro

According to the reviews of the new Apple offering, the Mac Pro’s SSD can go as high as 920MB/s when reading data. Writing speeds are even higher, going up to 952MB/s.

For video editors who regularly dabble in heavy processing stuff, Mac Pro is an excellent choice. The machine can not only stream multiple 4K videos at the same time, but also comes with support for all video formats. The best part is that with so much computing power packed under the hood of this 3.7GHz quad-core machine, it runs perfectly smooth even when handling huge frame sizes and 4K video editing.

Editing a 4K video, some reviewers have shared, is much like editing an HD video on a MacBook Pro. It is smooth, without any hitches and does not pause or stop at any moment. shares the experience of editing heavy videos on Mac Pro in the following words:

“I started slowly, adding a simple Dry Heat look. That played back in real time, no dropped frames. How about a Gaussian Blur? That’s usually a bit more intensive, especially with the huge numbers of pixels we’re dealing with here. No dropped frames. Nice. How about a Gaussian blur with a Bleach Bypass look? Still in real time… ok, let’s get serious. And so it went on… Multiple colour corrections, effects, transitions. This thing keeps playing back! In fact at one point I took a RED RAW 4K clip into a 4K project and just started working through the list of video effects (many of which are 4K ready). Watch the result for yourself.”

Clearly, the new top-end machine from Apple is no small deal. It offers a really heavy computing prowess and is able to handle the toughest of tasks without any issues.

Courtesy: Mac Rumors

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