Comparing Performance: MacBook Pro Vs. Surface Book

Microsoft introduced Surface Book with a bang. Thats probably ‘The’ device Windows fan was looking for a decade or so. Though Surface Book is yet to release to public in 26th October, but we got to compare it with MacBook Pro from performance point of view, using Geekbench. (What is Geekbench? Read below.)

The comparison you see is basically a “13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display”, with 2.9GHz Processor, which costs $1,499 with a entry model Surface Book which also costs $1,499 but has a different 2.5GHz processor.

You could the comparison live yourself here in this link at Geekbench Result Browser.

You see the performance is very close, the both has almost identical hardware, same amount of RAM, MacBook Pro has better Processor, and performed better. Not better by a huge margin, but slightly better. Here keep in mind that Its base model for Surface Book, but not an entry model for MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro entry model is $1,299, $200 usd cheaper then Surface Book.

Let see another compare between the entry $1,299 usd MacBook Pro with base $1,499 Surface Book.

Link to this comparison is here. Performance-wise Surface Book performed slightly better. You get slightly better (2.7GHz instead 2.5GHz) processor in MacBook Pro. But if you look deeper into the benchmark data you will see MacBook Pro performed better in all aspect beside Memory Performance. Surface Book out performed MacBook Pro in memory.

But with $200 usd in price gap, you could buy more then 8GB RAM, you could even upgrade your storage and get a bigger SSD.


Though the tech specs seems very close, only Surface Book is way costly, but the impact will be very different. Because the way Windows & Mac works are very different. But having a touch screen large display, which is even convertible to Tablet is a very big plus point. We look forward how mass people takes it.

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What is Geekbench?

Its a benchmarking tool for the regular Joe. Unlike other Benchmark tools which is mostly platform dependent, geekbench has tools for all platform. Geekbench 3 is the latest. Take a look –


And the cloud availability of the result give us easy option to share the data very easily with anybody.

I am kind of big fan of Geekbench. I am used to in running benchmark after I buy a new iPhone or Android or even updated a Windows System Hardware or bought a new server. And Geekbench has apps for all platform.

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