Google Announced New Chromebooks With Intel Haswell Chips

Google has decided to expand its Chromebook family with new Intel Haswell chips with HP, Toshiba, Acer and Asus. Google had a big Intel Developer Forum conference on Wednesday, where Intel spotlighted several new Chromebooks with along with new hardware from brand new OEM partners, including a few existing partners too.


The new Chromebooks run on Intel’s latest chip architecture, that we all know as Haswell, which is able to extend the battery life twice and provide better performance than any other prior generation of chips. According to Google, the battery life that lasts “all day,” but they did not say much about the hardware specification or any details.

However, Acer Chromebook features light and portable and Asus is offering a Chromebox for portable desktop computing, while the HP Chromebook 14 will offer a variety of color options with 4G connectivity on some models.

Most of the devices are priced in a range of $199 to $300, while the Chromebook Pixel starts at $1,299. There is no specific details on the pricing or availability. But it is expected that the new Chromebooks with Intel Haswell chips will be set somewhere in between the aforementioned range or near about.

Source: Mashable

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