Dell XPS 15z The Thinnest 15-inch laptop At $999

The thinnest 15-inch laptop “on the planet” is coming soon, costing a measly $999, according to the Wall Street Journal. In a profile of Dell’s recent history and forthcoming plans in the consumer electronics market, the financial paper twice makes reference to an ultrathin, $999 laptop that is set to launch on Tuesday of this week.

Pairing that intel with the abundance of leaks surrounding the slinky 15.6-inch XPS 15z including a Michael Dell tweet promising it’s “coming soon” leads us to the conclusion that we’ve finally gotten ahold of the price and date for Dell’s next big thing. Interestingly enough, the WSJ article goes on to say that Dell had canned a similar set of slim laptops earlier in the year, which might give us greater hope for the quality of the 15z it survived where others didn’t.
Michael Dell, the founder of Dell Inc, four years ago talked of creating gadgets such as smartphones and music players that would inspire “brand lust” and allow the company to charge premium prices for the products.
His efforts fell flat time and again, and buyers moved in droves to products from Apple Inc. On Tuesday, Mr. Dell will take another swing at the company’s consumer-electronics ambitions with a $999 laptop designed to better compete against Apple’s popular Macbook.

Update: As further evidence of the 15z’s imminent release, the tease has turned into a show with a video that fully reveals its slimline chassis and declares that the new Dell packs the Streak’s Stage UI as well.

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