HP Enters The World Of Ultrabooks

HP has finally launched into the expensive market of ultrabooks with it’s first ever ultrabook: HP Folio. Ultrabook has long been a rather exclusive product, being pretty expensive because of superior hardware and ultra-thin designs. However, the prices have been dropping lately and HP’s debut with a rather cheap ultrabook may find it a market.

HP’s first ever ultra-book is a neat laptop with fairly good hardware specs. The weight of the book is a nominal 3.3 pounds and it’s a mere 0.7 inches thick. With the hardware that comes with this ultrabook, it’s a surprise that HP is offering it at rather lower prices compared to other ultrabooks of similar specs. The processor is a Core i5 which comes together with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of hard drive space. The battery is a 6-cell Lithium ion battery which is certainly superior to the batteries otherwise used in normal laptops.

Inexpensive ultrabook may win hearts:
The greatest problem for many companies in the production of cutting-edge ultrabooks has been the high price of production. Consequently, they have to sell it at high prices which turns off most computers and leaves them with only a small target market. However, this may be changing if, said analysts, the prices were somehow brought down to the range of $700 – $800. And apparently, HP has done just that. Through a coupon, you can now get a whooping discount of more than $300 on the book and get it for a fine price of $703. This definitely is a revolutionary step in the right direction by HP and let’s hope that other companies follow suit.

Image courtesy qfschlepper.

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