Netbook is the Perfect Alternative of Big,Bulky Laptops

While the Apple iPad and other emerging tablets may ultimately shift the playing field, netbooks from the big corporate suppliers offer an interesting mobile alternative to big, bulky laptops.

The recently announced 10-by-7-by-1-inch HP Mini 5102, for example, has an all-metal case, a 10-inch screen, a great 95%-full keyboard and feels quite substantial, yet weighs in at only 2.64 pounds.

Two other interesting tools on the Mini 5102 are accessible from dedicated buttons above the keyboard. QuickWeb launches an HP browser without starting up the operating system.

The price seems right at $399.That’s a heavy price to pay. The same is true for the new tablets.Machines like this HP Mini 5102 with built-in tools for mobile workers make welcome travel companions.

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