Industry is Preparing for Chrome OS – Especially Netbook Makers

We are getting more and more news about more industry leading Netbook maker planing on releasing Chrome OS featured NetBook. We might have to wait till end of the year. We already have few specification about some of those NetBook. Google Already Released its code base, still no downloadable iso or burnable disk image, but we already have Chromium OS source code so developer could make their own package, but it’s currently limited to Linux only OS.

Google might be adding touch to Chrome OS, Chromium developers   show us how it might look (video)

You could get a detail link direction and downloadable resource at My Blog

Today we got a insider about Samsung’s Chrome OS only Netbook. it will be similar to the N210 (pictured), with a 10.1-inch screen, 3G, WiFi, 2GB of RAM, 64GB of flash storage and a purported 12 hour battery life. There are also rumors that it’ll be running a 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor, but the amount of straight up information from Phil makes speculation almost feel silly at
this point. The netbook is supposed to be introduced later this year.

Take a Look:

Google itself has already give us a hint that Chrome OS will be multi-touch and they might make a Chrome Tablet.


  • Keyboard interaction with the screen: anchored, split, attached to focus.
  • Launchers as an overlay, providing touch or search as means to access web sites.
  • Contextual actions triggered via dwell.
  • Zooming UI for multiple tabs
  • Tabs presented along the side of the screen (seeĀ Side tabs)
  • Creating multiple browsers on screen using a launcher

UI Concepts

Video Concepts

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