Laptop Lilo

Laptop Lilo is a device which keeps your laptop cool.Enjoy the new device Laptop Lilo……

Many laptop users today tend to place their laptops, well, on their lap.  Maybe that is where the name laptop came from? Tthe longer a laptop is used, the hotter the bottom tends to get.  Some laptops can get so hot that that they can cause serious discomfort or even burn marks.

Instead of getting a fancy pants laptop stand that won’t exactly easily fit into the smaller laptop cases, get this classy blow-up one.  Everything is much more high class when it requires for you to blow it up.  Don’t worry, despite the cheap materials, it wont’ start melting down the second your laptop starts getting the slightest bit warm

Typically, notebook holders that let you put your computer on your lap while shielding your skin from the heat need to be larger than the laptop.

but provides air pockets for circulation so your computer doesn’t overheat. Now when I first looked at this, I thought for sure that the Sahara-like temperatures that my laptop throws off would melt such a contraption.

Many laptop accessory manufacturers have been trying to find something to help out laptop users.  There are cooling fans and laptop holders, etc.  And then, there is the issue with if you want to travel with one of these accessories.  It’s not always a pretty picture at the TSA line when its time to check your laptop bag, etc.  So what if someone made a laptop support stand that was easy to travel with and helped combat the heat?  Enter the Laptop Lilo.

The Laptop Lilo is made from non-slip PVC, a heat resistant material, that can withstand temperatures of up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. It holds laptops with up to 17-inch displays and can fully inflate in two minutes.  It comes with a travel pouch for easy carry and storage.

You can grab the Laptop Lilo over at perpetual kid for $16.99 (USD). Air not included.


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