New MacBook Pro 2011 Ships On Feb 24 With i5 and i7 Options

MacRumours have reported that Apple is all set to launch MacBook Pro refresh on Thursday, February 24th. It will comes with Intel’s new Sandy Bridge architecture. The Company, who in the last quarter of 2010 sold 3.89 million notebooks, is looking to grow their share further despite the risk of iPad‘s and other tablets eating into MAC PC market share.

In addition to the new Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 processors, it is rumored to borrow a couple of enhancements from the current MacBook Air which is a hot seller. This includes faster solid-state drives (SSDs), sleeker design cues and improved standby and wake up modes.

With the MacBook Air selling like hotcakes due to its lower price tag and SSD, we may finally see the MacBook Pro 2011 model even out those numbers, especially since it will have a headstart over the MacBook Air with the integration of Sandy Bridge processors.


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