How To Create Your Own Raspberry Pi Laptop?

In the last two years or so, Raspberry Pi has gained immense popularity as a nifty PC which comes equipped with all basic hardware parts and requisite ports. Whereas Pi units have flowed off the shelves in millions, it is time to put a creative spin on in and create a laptop with Raspberry Pi. A video posted below tells you how.

Raspberry Pi laptop

The video has been posted by Adafruit Industries and apart from being incredibly simple and easy to follow, it lets you create your very own Raspberry Pi-based laptop. To kickstart, you need a Raspberry Pi unit as well as a Motorola Atrix 4G laptop dock.

During the video, we are told that the dock is available far and wide and since the phone that was supposed to go with it has been disconnected, the dock can be had for an incredibly affordable price of $60 or so. You can look it up with online retail stores and get your hands on it quite easily.

Once you have both of the aforementioned items, you need to expand your inventory and lay your hands on a few more parts. The video explains, in detail, the exact parts that you require and that how you need to install these parts for your Raspberry Pi to connect well with the dock.

Once all is set, you fire up the Atrix 4G laptop dock and it starts functioning as a laptop, drawing its computing juice from the Raspberry Pi unit. It is quite genius in that with it, you no longer need to find a monitor, keyboard and mouse for your Pi unit; and at the same time, it is really cheap.

Source: Adafruit Industries – YouTube Channel

Courtesy: Geeky-Gadgets

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