Sony’s Haswell-Equipped Vaio Pro Offers 25-Hour Battery Life

Intel started shipping out its brand-new Haswell line-up of processors only recently. The line-up offers better performance, together with smarter power consumption and improved battery life. Sony has packed the new chip in its Vaio Pro ultrabooks, claiming that these machines can offer up to 25 hours of battery life!

Vaio Pro

Consumers around the globe are eagerly waiting for Haswell-equipped machines to arrive in the market. In that context, it isn’t surprising that Sony was so quick to pack the new Intel chips in its Vaio Pro machines.

The company is readying two models for the Vaio Pro line-up. One of these is the 11.6-inch machine while the other is sized at 13.3-inch. Sony claims that these are lightest ultrabooks in the market, both featuring touchscreen displays at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 each. Both pack an Intel Core i7-4500U chip, including HD Graphics 4400.

The 11.6-inch model is incredibly light, weighing a mere 0.87 kg and comes with 4GB of RAM and 256GB of storage space. The 13.3-inch model, on the other hand, is a tad bit heavier, weighing 1.06kg and arriving with 8GB of RAM together with 512 GB storage space.

What is most incredible about these machines is that not only do they offer good battery time by default, their battery life can be extended significantly. The 11.6 inch model of Vaio Pro offers 11 hours of battery life. Sony claims that by using a sheet battery, this can be extended to a whopping 25 hours of battery life! The 13.3 inch model offers 8 hours of battery juice by default and can be extended to 18 hours with a sheet battery.

These enhancements certainly make the new Vaio Pro line-up very enticing. The fact that the 11.6-inch Vaio Pro model is the lightest ultrabook in the market and can provide 25 hours of battery life, makes it somewhat of an instant favorite.

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