World’s Cheapest Laptop

Kapil Sibal, India’s Human Resource Development Minister, has recently unveiled a $35 tablet with specs including 2GB of memory, Wi-Fi connectivity, PDF and Flash support, and is reported to run “linux”.

The tablet was developed by Bangalore’s Indian Institute of Science(IISC) and four Indian Institute of technology(IITs) in India.

the Indian government plans to subsidize their sale to students such that they’ll cost only $20. The goal is to have them selling for as little as $10 in the future.

If the project actually works out, it would be a brilliant addition in the tools to fight poverty for not just India but all the developing nations.

Check out the video below.

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  1. Ard Devil

    Insane… just $35, it big news to me..

  2. Rgistudent

    it fully bakwas website i ever seen !!!!!!

  3. Frankyeo92

    Can anyone help? Who is the manufacturer of Chi Tab?

  4. Shaikh Hameed


  5. Eram_zuha

    how to buy them?

  6. Prince shukla

    from where .. we can buy …. this.. inform me on my contact no. 01127306769

  7. Yugal Apt

    It’s great achievement  by Indian Govt. and question is that hoe students get that laptop and when ??  and another question is that about longevity of that product…  i m a university student… so how i collect this laptop.. bcz i want 2 buy …………………………………………………..

  8. Yugal Apt

    i want buy my phone no is 09778097090

  9. Yugal Apt

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  10. kg pradeep

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  11. kg pradeep

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  12. dev Anand

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  13. Comsaripallykumar

    Hatts off for the achievement and at the end “Indians or the Indians”.  Look at the brain and achievement.  Jerome is here….
    Well the next question is when will it be available to the students…
    Whom should i contact for a buy…..
    IIT or IIM???
    Am cumar of The Paradise Residential School
    9241759003 / 9844606196

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