LG Unveils ArtCool Stylist, A Great-Looking Air-Conditioner

When it comes to the looks of air conditioners, there are very few that can be pegged as good looking. Most are aesthetically misfits inside houses. LG has now come up with an air-conditioner, ArtCool Stylist, that is probably the best-looking in the industry.

LG ArtCool Stylist

LG’s new offering looks more like an art piece. Square-shaped and really slim, you can put it up anywhere on the wall much like a painting. Not only that, it comes with an LED ring that can change colors. So to make it gel in well with your home’s interior, you can select the LED color that you want.

Under the hood, the ArtCool Stylist packs the 3-way Soft Airflow technology. This technology ensures that the blasts of chilled air are sent in three directions by the air-conditioner, ensuring an even sense of coolness. A remote with 3.4-inch display comes with this AC so that you can tweak the temperature settings, LED ring color and other details without having to move.

LG has also included its inverter technology in ArtCool Stylist. This makes it not only a very quiet air-conditioner but also one that is able to be highly energy efficient. In all, LG’s new offering finds a surprisingly great balance between the looks and functional features of an AC. It is about time electronics as common as ACs were given better looks.

Source: LG

Courtesy: Digital Trends

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