Raptor LK1 and K3 Gaming Keyboards

German gaming peripheral maker Raptor Gaming reveals two new keyboards – naming as LK1 keyboard and K3 keyboard.LK1 goes for the entry-level segment, the K3 sort of fills in the remaining gap up to the top-range K1 gaming keyboard, practically addressing the needs of a mid-range/lower high-end segment.

The K3:

The brand new innovation of the Pro-Gamer Hardwareforge Raptor Gaming Technology is called RAPTORGAMING K3. The feature set is in its own league and includes:

– Anti-Ghosting-Technology

– 17 exchangeable keys

– 20 programmable Macro-Keys

– 10 Multimedia Hot-Keys

– Fast-Mover-Technology™

– Special surfaced hand-wrist

With this feature set the RAPTOR-GAMING K3 is the ideal keyboard for fast paced FPS, RTS, RPG and MMO
gaming. The full feature set of this master piece of design secures your competitive advantage.

The LK1:

The Pro-Gamer Hardware-forge Raptor Gaming Technology introduces a new keyboard in the well known RAPTOR-GAMING LSeries.

The brand new RAPTOR-GAMING LK1 is a fully featured packed beast. With an unbeatable price tag it combines a variety of high end features such as:

– Fast-Mover-Technology™ (blocking of individual keys)

– Anti-Ghosting-Technology (press up to 6 buttons at the same time without any signal lost)

– Water resistant surface

– Exchangeable keys

– 3m USB cable

The RAPTOR-GAMING K3 will be in stores in February 2011 at 79.90 EUR (incl. VAT).Whereas,The RAPTOR-GAMING LK1 will be in stores starting from Feb 2011 at 19.90 EUR (incl. VAT).

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