Lunatik iPod nano

Diamond-encrusted Lunatik iPod nano watch is as superfluous as it sounds and ZShock has managed to work its magic $18,000 worth to be precise on a Lunatik iPod nano watch……….


ZShock is taking things to new heights with the diamond-encrusted LunaTik iPod Nano case. It takes ZShock around 3-4 weeks to create and carefully hand-set the diamonds into pave settings on the white gold watch case. The craftsmanship on here is amazing and just what you’d expect from one of the most innovative jewelers around.The formula for transforming a stock Apple product into something worthy to be sold for a boatload of money to the most garish of Beverly Hills Frankensteins and gaudiest of Middle Eastern Oil Barons is as old as time: buy something from the Apple Store, drizzle it in glue, then roll it in crushed glass and gold foil and voila: a luxury iProduct.The all-diamond ZShock Lunatik iPod nano watch retails for around $18,000, though custom orders with different metals and even different diamonds and stones are possible from



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