$100 SpareOne Emergency Cellphone Powers Up With AA Battery

California-based mobile maker SpareOne introduced an emergency low-powered cell phone under its brand name at the CES 2013. The best thing about this cell phone is users simply can put one AA battery in the back of the phone and make calls for up to 10 hours. To grab customers’ attention, SpareOne has again showcased this phone at MWC 2013.

SpareOne Emergency Cell Phone

The SpareOne phone is made of inexpensive plastic materials. It doesn’t have any display, rather it comes with a pre-inserted single Energizer Ultimate AA battery which is said to last up to 15 years and can prevent current from discharging while unused. With one AA battery, users can make calls for up to 10 hours. There is a large, red (at the middle) emergency button. Pressing the button will let users contact the local emergency services. Besides, users can store their desired emergency number like 911. That means, users won’t be needed any SIM card to call for help, but indeed they’ll need to insert SIM to dial individual numbers.

At present, the phone comes with a combination of white (at front) and red (at back) color. But more color combinations of SpareOne are on the way. The SpareOne will be available in two different GSM versions (850/1900 MHz and 900/1800 MHz).

Right now, you can buy the SpareOne on Amazon and from SpareOne’s Web site.

Source: SpareOne
Thanks To: CNET

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