MeeGo Intel Atom phone

Meego which involves a promising team-up of Intel and Nokia to bring-forth a new type of OS on mobile phones and this one will have a linux-based platform and first claimed to be revolutionary in a sense that it’s open-source, compatible for most of the portable devices (Netbooks, Tablets, Smartphones, etc) and it will have a release date coming soon. Latest prediction is, Meego will have a debut on the CES or MWC next year.

The MeeGo phone runs on Intel’s Atom processor, and not a lot of details are known about the device other than that it has a front-facing camera and a rear 5-megapixel camera.Interestingly, if you will look at the picture, you can actually see that it will have its own WiFi browser, music player and calling capability.

There is no more information to us such as price and release date.Stay with us for the update.


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